BDG, s.a. is a company that offers world-class technological services through the development, integration and implementation of high-quality customized solutions for our clients. We are a team of highly competent professionals, dedicated to providing best practices through research and development. 


Consolidate a team of highly competent personnel, dedicated to conceiving, developing and integrating information technology solutions and applications with the best research and development practices, implementation and methodologies, on-time delivery and international standards, in order to improve security, the service, efficiency and profitability of large companies in Latin America.


Contribute to business development in Latin America, integrating 
world-class computing solutions for large businesses.


In the last five years, BDG has developed more than 200 Android and IOS apps for sales force, construction, banking, insurance, telephone, waste control, forms, etc. Our mobile team

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With more than 2,000 robots developed in the last five years, we have saved our clients more than 40 million dollars. Today we have clients in the area of ​​banks, insurance companies, telephone

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Software transforms the way of doing

Reading a bit about the information technology revolution in business, visualize cases like the world's largest taxi company, it does not own taxis, Uber, the company with the largest number of videos in the world does not produce...

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Electronic Banking Systems

¿Qué es un Sistema de Banca Electrónica? Son sistemas que permiten, de forma electrónica para los usuarios de una entidad bancaria, consultar extractos de cuenta, realizar transferencias, y realizar pagos y otras gestiones…

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BPM (Business Process Management)

¿Que es BPM? Herramientas que apoyan la definición y gestión de procesos en una organización. Estos sistemas, o software de Gestión de Procesos de Negocio, apoyan a la definición y mejor administración de procesos en una…

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