We provide consulting support and implementation of ITIL compliance tools, thus supporting the support department, according to the best practices in the industry.
Our consultancy is based on the practices of the ITIL framework and ISO 9001/2008. Our ITIL certified engineers, at BDG s.a., have full knowledge of the ISO 9001/2008 standard.
We work according to continuous iteration methodologies, based on field interviews, and inspection visits, guaranteeing GAP Analysis results that allow us to obtain a radiographic vision of the client's IT services.
Then BDG s.a. provides the necessary recommendations, responding to first order ITIL practices. The client can advance, in coordination with our consultants, according to the process of implementation of the recommendations.

References and testimonials

“Thank you very much for the support and experience to complete our project, successfully. We are very satisfied with the results obtained.”

Sergio Majus, IT Manager, Ingenio Magdalena s.a.

“Very good course. The instructor showed an excellent command of the subject.” 

Iliak Castro, Production Manager and Technology Manager, Cervecería Centroamericana.

“Of great importance to improve the service to end users of IT services.”

Cristofer Sosa, Programming Analyst, Grupo TRT.

“Excellent. This manages to evolve our empiricism, to theory, and to good practices.”

Billy Asturias, Gerente de Administración de Sistemas y Mesa de Ayuda, Interbanco.