BDG Mobile Banking solution for IOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems with complete functionalities for bank users.

The BDG mobile banking solution or, M-Bank, has all the options for checking balances, transfers, payments (services, credit card, etc.), geopositioning of branches, communication for inquiries with the call center vía chat, notices, blocks and unblocks, full credit card management, graphic information boards, credit pre-qualifier, money transfer by email, recurring payment programming, parametric management of notifications and alerts, etc. M-Bank is used by several leading banks in the region and, by the beginning of 2020, it reached more than two million downloads of the application, obtaining satisfactory results to date.

BDG International Bank

A complete system for the automation of international operations for banking institutions. Automate the sending and receiving of international transfers, correspondents, collections, letters of credit and others. A 100% web system, designed with the architecture “Responsive” (RWD) to be able to work with computers, tablets, phones, etc. that will allow you to improve your processes and controls in the international area and make them more efficient.

BDG Inter-B, is a 100% web solution that allows you to automate the flows of sending and receiving transfers, with the most complete system of limit controls and customer authorizations, also complying with money laundering controls and risk operations. Inter-B has the most complete system of operation, registration, auditing, queries and reports.

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Bank Agents

​​​​​Open a bank branch at the lowest cost, anywhere, using a correspondent or bank agent, BDG Corner Bank! Today banks need to trust business partners that reach places, regions and points where it is very expensive for the bank to open a branch, and the banking correspondent may be the pharmacy, the hardware store or the store which is authorized and prepared by the bank to be able to carry out limited operations on your behalf.

Today banks have challenges in opening branches or agencies:
  • Additional expenses when creating new agencies


  • Limitations to open agencies in strategic points


  • Difficulty in delimiting transactions by establishment


  • Agencies out of reach of their clients


  • Complexity of implementing proper operations controls for many agencies in a short time

BDG Corner Bank presents the following benefits:

  1. Start operations in an easy, safe and controlled way.
  2. It offers the basic conditions for its operation, and includes web tools compatible with mobile devices.
  3. It provides security through validations, storage of the operations log and the printing of receipts.
  4. Controlled and configurable operation, which allows defining the types of transactions and the limit amounts for each agent
  5. Reports by agents, establishments and transactions
  6. Ad Settings for Users