Colaborative solution BMP/CRM in where we united to all the organization with a single objective, to produce solutions for it’s clients.

Sample 2


We are convinced that the service to the client is a yield subject, not of image for that reason we have focused in developing tools that support an effective attention to the clients of our clients, doing more agile the attention processes, for it we make available a tool like Sigma7, a colaborativo BPM in where we united to all the organization with a single objective, to produce solutions for their clients.
Sigma7 is a modular tool that allows to develop a organizacional intelligence in where the company it learns through his processes, knows what their clients also need and as her organization responds to that necessity.



Client Service:

Modules of Gestión and Contact Center combine to give platform complete on watch to client where processes, clients and personnel unite to create line of production of services controlled and administered, with registry of times, alarms, archives attached, forms dynamic, generation of documents, in himself, all suite of control so that their clients have the service that you promise to him and answers in time to all their requests.


Credit Factory:

Using a platform for product quotations the automatic originación of credits looks for, happening through the automatic qualification of the client and the approval or rejection of immediate form, validating the international lists of clients of high risk, until the opening of the product and the generation of all the documentation for the formalization of the credit.


Entailment of Clients:

The module Sigma7 Verify allows to have a platform for the entailment of clients, the forms of creation of clients allows him to capture all the necessary information for a formal evaluation of the client, being based on a matrix of inherent risk of the own client and the international references we can determine if the client is of stop, means or under risk, this way we can fulfill the international requirements against the money laundering and financing of the terrorism, 7 Sigma Verify allows to administer to the electronic file of the client giving him processes him automated of monitoring on the victory of the documentation of the client to maintain updated it.

The modules of Sigma7 are:

  • Management: module that stores to the organizacional structure of the company and the clients of the same one, has a built-in Workflow which allows to automate the internal processes of the organization.
  • Contact Center: it gives the tools us to identify the client, to understand all its pending surroundings, requests, new requests, previous products, services, contacts, pursuit to its requests.
  • Knowledge Base: is repositoriy of documents and articles to disposition of the users to solve operation doubts in line, allows to store any type of associated document to subjects, products, suppliers, laws, regulations, processes, etc. us.
  • Web Chat: is the one that allows us to interact in line with our clients, associates each intervention to the profile of the client for a better control of the channels who he prefers to use, offers customized services because it assigns to the agent according to the specialization who the client looks for, everything under the supervision of personnel of control to avoid bad attentions and excessive times of delay.
  • Telemarketing: handling of salient campaigns to clients, as much telephone as of shipment of post office, allows to generate leads from each campaign, controlling from its origin to the closing of he himself.
  • C Factory: it allows him to automate the generation of businesses from a cotizador to the automatization of the complete cycle of the analysis and formalization of the credit, integrating itself with the systems of the bank for the creation of asked for products and the payment of the loan.
  • Sales: it administers to the cycle of product sale, taking advantage of the colaborativo structure of BPM, involving to all the personnel of the organization in the generation of opportunities, support in the attainment of the closing of the business, taking a registry of goals by areas and products, as well as the opportunities according to its state, opened, congealed, won and lost.
  • Self Service: supermarket vestibule that allows the clients to interact with the organization, to create its own requests as if they were part of the organization, obtains data of its requests in line.