The units of human resources can be taken up to 5 months in recruiting a specific profile of IT, whereas BDG makes it in a maximum of 3 weeks, giving to the candidates who fulfill the profile required by the client.

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We are the best option for IT training and qualifications in the areas associated with software development since we have a staff of more than 30 technical specialists with extensive experience.


To recruit IT personnel is one of the most complex tasks nowadays and the reasons are several; on the one hand, the supply is smaller to the demand which makes difficult the obtaining of candidates, on the other hand, the generation of professional young people no longer responds to the traditional methods of recruitment and supplies of work.

We counted on a network of recruitment based on talent that goes from university students, passing through professionals Junior and Means, until arriving at Senior Senior and Super professionals.

In Guatemala and Panama, we have a data base of more than 15.000 candidates than they choose to positions of development of software, infrastructure specialists, specialists of security, managers of projects, managers of technology, etc.

Our processes of recruitment are carried out in three weeks, offering to our clients the best talents available. Also, these processes include the examinations and standard tests of recruitment recommended by the recruiters of world-wide class, interviews, technical inspections depending the position and polígrafo (this one last single one to requirement of the client).

IT Recruitment