Did you know that 95% of the sales for the 2040 will be made by electronic commerce?


  • Ecommerce BDG Platform

BDG has an ample experience digitally transforming processes of sale using average of electronic payment that they facilitate to the companies to arrive from a easy way and through Internet at his buyers.



Sales Funnel Online vs. Offline: The Double Funnel

BDG has supported to the companies in transforming their process of traditional sale digitally (offline)  to in line make a sale (online) in the comparison of the double funnel:



  • Is SEO friendly.
    Integration with the E-commerce platform also supposes an important advantage facing the positioning in the network, since it comes prepared for an excellent optimization that allows to make SEO in each product, improving the global position of the store online, something essential at the time of occurring to know.
  • It offers information and statistics on your store online.
    To know how it is working your business online is essential to make adjustments and to continue increasing your sales. The platform of e-commerce offers information in reference to the sales, the clients and the stock of your products, among other things.