Ample developing experience of movable applications in Android, iOS, and Phone Windows using frameworks movable leaders of the industry.

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Mobile Development

Our equipment and methodology guarantee projects in time and budget. We offer all the cycle of a movable project or a part of him: taking of requirements, development of app, control of quality (QA), external documentation, promotional video.

Some of the movable applications in our catalogue are:


  • Mobile bank 
  • CRM Sales 
  • Agenda Extra 
  • Mobile collections 
  • Taking of orders in store 
  • Exchanges 
  • Maintenance of telephone and similar towers 


WEB Development

Our factory of software uses standards CMMI and provides development key in hand for applications Web and moving bodies, from the taking of requirements, administration of projects (SCRUM), control of quality and creation of manual, BDG provide a service of world-wide class.

We have developed more than 2.000 projects for banks, companies of retail, telephone, companies of commerce and industry and made others with our factory of more than 125 developers of software.

We worked with technologies java, Microsoft .NET, Oracle, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP and others. Our clients in Central America, South America and the Caribbean are our better letter of presentation.

Trust its projects of development of software to experts who use the best practices like CMMI, SCRUM and others.

We had certified engineers SCRUM, ITIL, Microsoft, Oracle and others and provide services such as:

  1. Taking of requirements 
  2. Software Development
  3. Quality Control
  4. Documentation Development