Solution of Bank Mobil for operating systems IOS, Android and Windows Phone with complete functionalities for the users of the bank.

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The movable bank or M-Bank counts on all the options of consultation of balances, transferences, payments (services, card credit, etc.), geoposicionamiento of branches, communication for consultations with call to center via chat, warnings, blockades and unfreezing, complete of credit card, graphical boards of information, pre-examining handling of credit, transference of money by email, programming of recurrent payments, parametric handling of notifications and alert, etc. M-Bank is used by banks that they have up to 150.000 unloadings of the application, obtaining to the date satisfactory results.

International Bank

A complete system of automatization of the international operations for the banking institutions. Automate the shipment and reception of international transferences, correspondents, cobranza, letters of credit and others. A system 100% Web, designed with the architecture “Responsive” (RWD) to be able to work with computers, tablets, telephones, etc. that it will allow him to improve its processes and controls in the international area of and making them more efficient.

Inter-b, is a solution 100% Web that allows to automate the flows of shipment and reception of transferences, with the most complete system of controls of limits and authorizations of clients, fulfilling in addition the controls to washing of assets and operations of risk. Inter-b counts on the most complete system of operation, registry, audit, consultations and reports.



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Banking Agents

Open a banking branch to the lowest cost, in any place, using a correspondent or banking agent! Nowadays the banks need to trust partners of businesses that bandericen place, regions and points where to the bank he is very expensive to open a branch to him, the banking correspondent could be the pharmacy, the ironworks or the store which are enlisted by the bank to be able to conduct limited operations in name of the bank.

Nowadays the banks have challenges in the opening of the branches or agencies:

  • Additional expenses when creating new agencies 
  • Limitantes to open of agencies in strategically important points 
  • Difficulty to delimit transactions by establishment 
  • Agencies outside the reach of its clients 
  • Complexity to implement the control of operations many agencies in just a short time

Corner Bank presents/displays the following benefits:


  1. Initiate operations of easy, safe and controlled form 
  2. Basic requirements for operation, tool compatible Web with movable devices 
  3. Security by means of validations, storage of binnacle of operations and the impression of comprobants
  4.  Controlled and configurable operation, which allows to define the types of transaction and the amounts limits for each agent 
  5. Reports by correspondents, establishments and transactions 
    Configuration of announcements for users