24 January 2023
RPA is a non-intrusive technology that benefits organizations by reducing operating costs by eliminating repetitive tasks in the manual processes of companies, it is a digital agent that imitates the behavior of a conventional worker and can integrate with any web application, desktop and Web service, SOAP or REST and integrations with databases such as SQL and any existing administrator.
The agent has the ability to integrate Office applications, CRM, ERP, web browsers, Azure, AWS, Citrix, version controller such as GIT TFS, SQL.


The automation process is carried out knowing the most important processes in the organizations, prioritizing them with a quantification of the effort in man hours and the cost that this generates annually for the company, the recovery of the investment is fast depending on the aggressiveness with which it is carried out. You can find processes that are quick wins, that do not have much complexity and the benefit is high. The areas that benefit the most can be the customer service department, the financial area, human quality management, and resources.