BDG, S.A. it is a company that offers technological services of world-wide class by means of the development, the integration and the implementation of high quality of solutions custom-made for our clients. We are a team of highly competent professionals, dedicated to the benefit of better practices through the investigation and the development.



We are a highly competent team of personnel, dedicated to conceive, to develop and to integrate solutions and applications of technology of information with the best practices of investigation and development, implementation and methodologies, gives and international standards in time, with the purpose of improving the security, the service, the efficiency and the yield of the great companies of Latin America.



To create a Latin American empire of integration of computer science solutions of world-wide class for the great businesses.

    In the last five years BDG it has developed more than 200 apps Android and IOS in applications of force of sales, construction, bank, insurances, telephone, control of remainders, forms, etc. Our movable equipment has…
    With more than 2.000 robots in the last developed five years we have obtained that our clients save more than 4 0 million dollars. Today we had clients in the area of banks, insuring, telephone, retailers, companies of…


  What is an Electronic Banking System? They are systems that allow the users of a banking organization: to consult statements of account, to make transferences, to make payments and other managements qualified by each…
  What is a BPM? Management systems of business processes, are tools that support to the definition and management of processes in an organization. In these systems, the processes in stages of dynamic form are modeled,…
  What is a CRM? Management systems of the relations with the client, are a model of the administration of the clients in an organization, in whom the main objective is to generate the total satisfaction of the client.  It…